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Environmental Social Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues rank high on our corporate agenda and represent a cornerstone of Kipay Energy's operations.

Our policies are carefully designed by our board and management to meet ESG international standards and to promote good corporate governance, mainstreaming environmental sustainability in all its operations and by improving social conditions in the regions we operate in.

Environmental & Social

Recognizing that large-scale infrastructure projects like renewable energy installations carry environmental and social implications, Kipay Energy is committed to mitigating any adverse effects and invests significantly in social and environmental programs. Our aim is to enhance the lives of local inhabitants and protect biodiversity.

As part of our operations, we conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), update these studies regularly to comply with international best practices such as IFC standards and the Equator Principles, and design mitigation, management, and monitoring measures.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for involved stakeholders and communities. Kipay Energy invests in social programs to stimulate the local economy and improve the livelihood of local populations. Through actively engaging with local communities, we strive to ensure that our corporate practices contribute to long-term economic and social development.

We believe that the private sector in the DRC can be a catalyst for social development and environmental protection.


Our corporate governance policies lay the foundation for our operations, underpinning transparency, ethical conduct, and the promotion of exemplary business practices. These policies are openly accessible to all stakeholders for utmost transparency.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct at Kipay Energy establishes a blueprint for ethical standards and regulations that govern our operations. It encapsulates our fundamental principles aimed at fostering sustainable and responsible conduct within our organization. 

Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSE) Policy

Kipay Energy is steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a secure, healthy work environment while safeguarding our surrounding ecology. We seamlessly integrate health, safety, security, and environmental considerations into our daily operations. Our responsibility extends beyond our employees, aiming to contribute positively to the sustainable development of the communities we serve.

Human Resource Policy

Our Human Resource Policy is designed to align Kipay Energy’s business objectives with the creation of an engaging work atmosphere. By establishing mutual commitments between Kipay Energy and our workforce, we set clear expectations that foster ongoing performance enhancement, innovation, and a robust competitive stance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects our dedication to addressing the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our operations responsibly and in accordance with public expectations. This commitment serves as a framework, guiding the implementation of these principles and assigning responsibility across our activities.