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Solar Power Plant Fungurume

In December 2022, Kipay Energy inaugurated the construction of the Fungurume solar power plant, strategically situated in the Lualaba province, a mere 100 km from Kolwezi. This state-of-the-art facility is projected to generate a substantial 48 MWp of solar energy, a boon to the region's economic stakeholders and the households of Fungurume, a locality where electricity is currently accessible to a scant 1% of the population.

Notably, the Fungurume plant will be recognized as the largest solar photovoltaic installation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and a pioneer in Central Africa to employ the innovative Tracker technology.

The construction process of the Fungurume solar power plant will unfold in three distinct stages:
  • May 2023Phase 1

    The photovoltaic plant produces 3.6 MWp.
  • December 2023Phase 2

    The photovoltaic facility's output is projected to reach 10 MWp.
  • 2024Phase 3

    The photovoltaic facility's production capacity will escalate to 46 MWp.

Electricity generation in Phase 1 will avoid 55,470,000 kg CO2 emission per year.

Kipay Energy promotes innovation and bolsters national expertise

Kipay Energy firmly believes that robust investment in human capital and the bolstering of national competencies are instrumental in the success and development of the green energy sector within the DRC. Thus, we collaborate with young Congolese engineers and entrepreneurs, providing them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in planning, construction, and operation. This approach allows Kipay Energy to play a pivotal role in preparing the DRC's energy sector for future generations.

The Fungurume solar power plant employs Tracker technology, which facilitates the automatic rotation of solar panels from -55 to +55 degrees to follow the sun's position. This technology leverages solar irradiation, wind, and temperature sensors to track the sun's movements in real-time. The primary advantage of this technology is the enhancement of energy production by 10 to 15%, compared to a solar power plant with a fixed orientation.