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What we do

Kipay Energy, rooted in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is passionately committed to bridging the substantial electricity production gap prevalent in the country, employing the strategy of independent power generation.

Presently, the nation grapples with a staggering electricity deficit exceeding 2,500 MW. In response to this critical challenge, Kipay Energy has crafted a strategic approach that harnesses the potential of hydroelectric and solar energy to address the power needs of the DRC. Our goal isn't merely to deliver electricity; we envision energy as a catalyst for propelling socio-economic growth across the region.

We stand firm in our commitment to offer competitive pricing to the underserved communities in our region, ensuring reliable power supply while maintaining a conscientious focus on environmental sustainability. Our dedication to minimal environmental impact is central to our business model, balancing our drive for power production with our unwavering respect for the world we inhabit.

Our mission

Our mission at Kipay Energy is to stand out as a premier Independent Power Producer in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with an exclusive focus on renewable energy resources, particularly hydroelectric and solar power.

Our fundamental objective is to democratize access to clean, dependable, and cost-effective electricity for both households and businesses in the underserved regions of our country.

We firmly believe in the power of local knowledge and expertise. Therefore, Kipay Energy capitalizes on these invaluable assets to engineer sustainable energy solutions. Our larger vision extends beyond power generation; we aspire to serve as a catalyst for the socio-economic upliftment in the DRC, bolstering the nation's progress through the transformative power of renewable energy.

Our vision

At Kipay Energy, we envision a future where the private sector of the DRC emerges as a robust engine propelling the nation's economic and social evolution. We firmly believe that by investing in human capital and fortifying skills, we can unlock the tremendous potential of the renewable energy sector in the DRC.

We see a future where our commitment to skill development and talent nurturing shapes a thriving renewable energy landscape in the country. This, we believe, will be instrumental in driving the DRC towards a sustainable, economically prosperous, and socially equitable future. Our vision reflects our unwavering faith in the transformative power of renewable energy and its capacity to fuel the nation's growth and progress.

Our core values

We are dedicated to fostering positive social, environmental, and economic impacts through our activities at Kipay Energy.

Environmental Stewardship

We prioritise minimising our ecological footprint and actively contributing to nature's preservation.

Social Responsibility

We aim for long-term community upliftment through our operations. Our approach includes investments in local economy stimulation and livelihood improvement programs, with community involvement being central to our strategy.

Our guiding principles

Embodying transparency and ethics, our corporate governance policies serve as the bedrock of our operations, fostering superior business practices. These policies, meticulously crafted by our board and management, are readily accessible to all stakeholders for complete transparency.

These values guide our commitment to sustainable energy and socio-economic growth.

Who We Are

Kipay Energy was founded in 2015 by the Congolese businessman Eric Mumba Monga and the American businessman Yamandou Alexander.

Eric Mumba Monga

Educated as an economist from the University in Kinshasa, Eric started his career in the banking sector. In 2001, he founded Trade Service, a national leading design and logistics firm focusing on taxation, facilitation of trade and customs clearance, for which he currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

In 2006 he founded SMM, a hi-tech laboratory serving the mining industry. In 2013 he was elected as the provincial president of The Federation of Businesses in the Congo (FEC) in Katanga. Since the liberalisation of the energy sector in 2014, he has been leading the FEC National Committee of Energy and he is the founder of the annual National Conference on Energy in DRC. In 2020 he was elected vice-president of FEC.

Eric is a popular speaker and panellist. As an independent economist and entrepreneur, he is regularly invited to international conferences such as Mining Indaba, the Africa CEO Forum and the annual conference of the Clinton Global Initiative.

In 2020, he became a partner in Trade Power, a Congolese trade agency for renewable energy. He was appointed as chairman for ECOBANK in DRC in 2021 and elected as chairman of the Board of Directors of The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) in 2022.

Yamandou Alexander

Yamandou is a highly skilled telecommunications executive with a deep understanding of emerging markets. He founded ASG Telecommunications in 1996 and transformed it from a mobile device wholesaler to a major voice and satellite network integrator and supplier for mobile operators and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

As a co-founder of T+, the second mobile operator in the Cape Verde Islands, he played a pivotal role in modernising and expanding telecommunications services in the region, promoting competition in the market, and contributing to the availability of reliable and affordable communication services.

In 2006, Yamandou shifted his focus to the transportation industry to integrate his technology expertise with a new-found commitment to sustainable transportation. This led him to create GoGreenRide, a unique alternative transportation company that combined cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service. Recently, GoGreenRide was acquired by a larger transportation group in New York.

Yamandou brings a wealth of experience in building organisations from scratch, along with a diverse set of skills that are crucial to the success of Kipay’s projects.

In addition to his professional work, Yamandou is also a co-founder of The Georges Malaika Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing educational opportunities for girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also founded Makeba in 2018, a fintech platform that provides low-cost money transfer and payment solutions for smartphones, ensuring everyone has access to financial tools, no matter where they live.