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Our Expertise Renewable Energies

As a long-term investor, Kipay Energy is committed to generating enduring economic, social, and environmental benefits in the societies we serve. We understand that power generation is a key player for development, especially in regions grappling with severe power shortages. Catering to local energy requirements is a powerful tool for poverty alleviation and the stimulation of economic growth across the country.

With one of the world's lowest electrification rates, the DRC's national electrification access stands at approximately 9%, with rural areas at 1% and urban areas at 19%. The substantial energy deficit arises from the disparity between supply and burgeoning demand due to growth in the mining sector and population increase. To address this deficit, the Congolese government enacted legislation in 2014 (Law No. 14/011 of June 17, 2014) to facilitate public and private investments in the electricity sector.



In the DRC, hydropower stands out as the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient energy source. The shortage of energy resources poses a significant barrier to investment and job creation. The DRC possesses an immense hydropower potential, of which merely 2% is currently harnessed. This represents a total exploitable power of around 100,000 MW.

Hybrid Energy Solution


Kipay Energy's projects present pioneering Hybrid Energy Solutions, designed to guarantee a consistent electricity supply to our off-takers. By marrying solar and hydropower, this renewable system brings essential stability to the grid, addressing critical power needs. Renewable Energy Hybrids stand as the answer to a dependable, affordable, and responsive integration of renewable energies.